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Concept AV provides the AV hardware, software and professional learning programs that support the key concepts of the modern digital classroom.

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AV Systems for Education

All You Need For Your Classroom

Concept AV supply all of the leading educational brands such as Hitachi, Promethean, Epson and Smart. The modern classroom/learning environment provides opportunities for students to explore and develop knowledge and understanding of  information.  Students will also use digital systems and processes to design and create, in an environment that encourages and enhances learning through fostering the use, understanding and growth of digital technologies, which are the foundations of the Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum. Concept AV has the knowledge and  product range to suit every educational need.

We never just offer a product – we always offer a solution!

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Concept AV is second to none in after sales support. We don’t hang a product on your wall and walk away. We make sure you understand how to use your equipment, so you and your students get the most out of it.


Concept AV continually evaluates the latest innovations in AV technology and as educators we know what will work and what won’t.


Concept AV offers a variety of learning opportunities through various training options! After your solution is commissioned we will facilitate teacher training to get the best out of the equipment. All training is hands-on, for optimal learning.

An AV Package Just for You

Concept AV can design, install and maintain your AV Solution as well as provide training and a complete project management service if you require. Or if you just need AV equipment that’s fine as we have a comprehensive range of AV products from some of the world’s leading brands. To find out more, please click on the links below.

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