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About the Main Roads Traffic Operations Centre

The Traffic Operation Centre (TOC) monitors and manages traffic on the road network 24 hours per day, including the operation of all traffic signals, variable message signs and traffic monitoring cameras.


Customer Needs

TOC facilitates the timely response to traffic related incidents on the arterial road network to maintain traffic flow. TOC also provides
priority at traffic signals for emergency services (police, ambulance, fire) during high priority escorts and modifies traffic signal operation locator for special events such as parades, football matches, or concerts.

When TOC’s original video wall became uneconomic to maintain, the decision was made to upgrade both the physical display and also the video signal management.  Since most of the cameras are now providing a digital signal back to the TOC, and the future plan is to have all digital camera feeds, signal integrity demanded the upgrade include a complete digital signal path to the displays.

The Solution

Factory Acceptance Testing in Concept AV’s facilities was instrumental to ensuring the new infrastructure could be seamlessly integrated with the TOC systems with the shortest practical downtime.  The system incorporates a General Traffic Video Wall made up of an array of 2 high by 6 wide rear projection units, and a Graham Farmer Freeway Tunnel dedicated Video Wall, which is an array of 2 high and 3 wide rear projection units.  Both walls have been designed with the ability to expand both in height and width

Concept AV’s Role

Concept AV worked closely with the key stakeholders to design a system which meets the current requirements, and provides maximum upgrade flexibility for the future. The time frame was also a key consideration, as the existing video wall needing to be removed, and then the new wall constructed and commissioned.

Concept AV provided a complete design, installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance service, including all facets from structural design to acoustic considerations. Concept AV also provided the signal distribution and management, sight-line analysis, ventilation, lighting, and power requirements.

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“It was a highly complex install but very easy to use”

Ian SimpsonHead of Science- Wesley College

“Concept AV did pretty much everything – We told them what we wanted to achieve and they did all the hard yards”

Peter KlemmDirector of Information & Learning Technologies - Wesley College

“The input, direction and design work that Concept AV put into this made a significant contribution to achieving our goals”

Peter KlemmDirector of Information & Learning Technologies - Wesley College