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Integrated AV Systems

Concept AV develops Integrated AV Systems, which are spaces that are more complex than conventional meeting or collaboration spaces.

An AV Solutions Package Just for You

Concept AV design, install and maintain your AV Solution as well as provide training and a complete project management service if you require. Or if you just need AV equipment that’s fine as we have a comprehensive range of AV products from some of the world’s leading brands. To find out more, please click on the links below.


AV Solutions that combine highly technical infrastructure with a user friendly operator interface

Concept AV has developed many  ‘Integrated Systems for solutions such as Real Time Operating Centres, Incident Management Centres, Emergency Operations Centres, and many other specific and/or general purpose environments. All of Concept AV’s ‘System Integration’ solutions involved combining highly technical infrastructure with a user-friendly operator interface to allow complex tasks to be handled effortlessly whilst requiring minimum end user training.

Some of Concept AV’s Integrated Systems incorporated components where operator training is required, and this is where our dedicated training staff come into their own.

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“It was a highly complex install but very easy to use”

Ian SimpsonHead of Science- Wesley College

“Concept AV did pretty much everything – We told them what we wanted to achieve and they did all the hard yards”

Peter KlemmDirector of Information & Learning Technologies - Wesley College

“The input, direction and design work that Concept AV put into this made a significant contribution to achieving our goals”

Peter KlemmDirector of Information & Learning Technologies - Wesley College