About Concept AV

Concept AV is dedicated to providing our customers with the innovative AV solutions they need to CONNECT, INFORM and INSPIRE their audiences. Our custom designed solutions incorporate quality hardware, professional installation by qualified technicians and support by dedicated customer service/project management teams.




Our Focus


The Concept AV development process is designed to establish a deep connection with our clients. We need to understand more than the practical aspects of a project such as location and budget. Before we get to work, we always want to understand the client’s business, their audiences and what they would consider to be the perfect AV solution.


Concept AV makes technology simple. We understand there is a lot of technical information associated with building an AV solution that meets our client’s needs perfectly, so we always explain technology in terms of practical outcomes. For example; technology A will future proof your AV solution better than technology B.


At Concept AV we are confident we can always deliver inspiring AV solutions, but we also want to inspire our clients with the excellence of our customer service and the design, installation, integration, testing, and commissioning of our solutions, and onward to our post sale support. Testament to our success in this philosophy can be seen in the regular repeat business we receive from many of our clients.

Our Motivation

Our Vision

Concept AV will be recognized as the most inspired AV solutions suppliers in Australia, whose reliability and quality of services are unmatched. Concept AV will be considered as leaders in developing AV solutions that“Connect, Inform and Inspire” audiences like no other AV solution.

Our Purpose

Concept AV’s purpose is to provide inspirational AV solution design combined with the highest levels of quality installation, products and customer service, to the Education, Corporation and Government sectors.

Concept AV has set the following objectives to accomplish their goals:

  • To Connect, Inform and Inspire our customers
  • Source quality products for the right price.
  • Maintain the highest level of design and innovation possible.
  • Continue cultivate a work environment that ensures quality installation, problem solving and service.
  • Continue to employ, train and retain employees who are committed to the highest levels of customer satisfaction who continue to upgrade qualification levels.

Our Core Values


We value honesty highly because it means we must be honest in all our relationships both internally and with clients. This honesty means we have to genuinely connect with our customers and value their input highly. This understanding helps us meet our customer’s needs and expectations with regard to product performance, price and delivery.

We must use our expertise to inform clients with regard to what they can achieve.  Information adds value to the customer relationship by helping customers make better decisions.

We are also honest with regard to our resources and expertise, as this will help set client expectations.


We must always act with integrity. This means that if we are honest and work collaboratively we must be guided by what is best for the client and and keep them informed at all times.

We know that integrity is essential to building happy successful teams and retaining long-term customers.


We must always maintain a leadership role in our understanding of hardware and systems, as this is essential to creating inspiring av solutions.

We must always show leadership in our “Can Do” approach to using hardware and systems knowledge to resolve problems.


We value teamwork because it motivates us to collaborate on satisfying customer needs where there is a free exchange of ideas and knowledge, which inspires greater effort.

We understand that acting on our own initiative, with some autonomy is essential for the team to succeed.

We know that the two previous points create a happy harmonious team and are key drivers to improving customer satisfaction.