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5 Ways Concept AV can help you create an active learning environment.

Concept AV has helped many schools and colleges introduce audiovisual technology into their active learning classrooms, so we understand that creating these learning spaces is more than just about putting information on a screen. Concept AV understands that  many other factors such as building design, network infrastructure, availability of digital content and of course, available budget all impact on the design of the final audiovisual solution. If you are considering building or upgrading your active learning audiovisual technology here are 5 ways Concept AV can help you make the right decision.

1.Choose the best solution for the age range of the students.

As you’ll appreciate, a student’s age will impact on how they interact with technology, particularly if they are using their own devices (such as tablets or laptops) to interact with the audio visual equipment. Concept AV has considerable experience putting the right combinations of technology together to meet the students capabilities.

2.Can the av solution handle the content?

There is an increasing volume of curriculum based content and tools available for use in the active classroom. Concept AV will make sure that the audio visual solution you select can handle the content you intend to use.

3. Is the audiovisual solution future proofed?

Professional audio visual technology found in today’s classrooms is often more advanced than most of the technology available for your home. Concept AV’s technical experience can help you ensure that your av solution can grow and adapt as the technology and your needs change.

4. Is it secure?

Securing the students data is obviously of the highest importance in the active learning environment. Audio visual solutions frequently have to interface with existing IT networks, and this interface can be a point of weakness. Concept AV has experienced network security technicians who will work with the schools IT specialist to achieve maximum security.

5. Get the best long term value for money

When budgeting for an audiovisual solution it is necessary to not only account for the capital cost of the equipment, but also the ongoing costs such as maintenance, hosting and support. Concept AV will help you calculate the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’, to make sure you achieve the best return on your audiovisual investment.

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